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I should point out that CakeFX is not about making your average cake. We don’t have a stack of identical cakes with yellow buttercream roses on them sitting out back waiting for “Happy Anniversary Harold & Maude” to be piped across them. Honestly, you can get that done cheaper elsewhere.  However, if you’re looking for a cake with edible mime figurines acting out the message, “Happy Anniversary Harold & Maude,” then you’ve come to the right place, except that mimes tend to creep us out a bit.*

The price of a CakeFX custom, one-of-a-kind cake starts at around $250.00. If, however, you have an idea for a very small cake or a really cool cupcake that just won’t let you go, contact CakeFX and we’ll talk, haggle, and see what we can arrange.

The cost of a CakeFX cake is dependent on the cost of materials and labor. The more detailed and elaborate the cake, the more time and materials go into its creation. However, here are a couple of formulas to help guestimate the cost:

Note: a standard cake industry serving size is, on average, approximately a 2”x2” single or double layer piece of cake. If you’re a kid reading this, be aware that a "serving" does not by definition include all or part of a big frosting flower or part of the clown’s head. If you’re an adult reading this, be aware that getting a serving with part of the clown’s head is a big deal to a kid.

FORMULA #1:   Starting price ($250) + Wicked Cool Enhancements = Price of Cake**

It is difficult to describe what constitutes a "starting price" CakeFX cake since all CakeFX cakes are custom creations. However, there is no such thing as a basic, no frills CakeFX cake. Every CakeFX cake, regardless of price, must pass the rigorous Mom Test: meaning every cake must be exciting enough to impress Mom and believe me, Mom is a tough customer.

“Some mothers might be impressed by that cake but I expect more from you. When I think of the all the years your father and I scrimped and saved and then to have you go and make a cake like this. I don’t know where I went wrong…”

Sure, CakeFX is proud of its work and cares about its reputation but more than that, we fear failing the Mom Test. *shudder*

            A. Cost per serving: averages between $3.50 - $20.00 per serving depending on level of detail
                and decoration.
            B. Number of servings

The formula: AxB = Price of Cake**

While this leaves element A rather vague but until a design for the cake is agreed upon it is difficult to determine what the cost per serving will be.

* CakeFX wishes to apologize to all mimes, friends and families of mimes, and mimes-in-training who might be offended by this irrational and unjustified predjudice toward mimes.
** Delivery charges and Rush Order charges might be added to this price, regarless of one's "mime status."

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