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Whether you have a full-blown cake concept in mind or just the mere germ of an idea, CakeFX will start translating your concept into the plans for your one-of-a-kind cake experience.

CakeFX thrives on the unusual and bizarre so don't hold back . However, it’s best to plan ahead to ensure sufficient production time. The more elaborate the concept, the more time needed to complete the cake (and in the interest of full disclosure, rush jobs carry an added cost).

Unless you really like surprises, CakeFX will provide sketches of your cake concept. These sketches will likely be rough and not exacting in scale or composition but are intended to give you an idea of the basic construction and colors to be used in the assemblage of your cake.

You are invited to make suggestions and alterations to the design. When you are satisfied with the visual concept CakeFX begins creating your 0ne-of-a-kind cake experience.

It is important to note that while CakeFX, on the whole, is very impressed with itself and is pained to admit it but there are limitations—many associated with the laws of physics—regarding what can be done. CakeFX is lobbying to have several of these natural laws changed but in the meantime if CakeFX cannot execute a particular aspect of your cake concept and an alternative approach will be proposed.

Approval is not required for all cake designs should you wish to be surprised by the final product or wish to shield yourself behind a "plausible deniability" defense following your event. In such cases you may give CakeFX a concept and CakeFX will take it from there, leaving you to fantasize about your cake, if that is your preference.

We look forward to creating your custom cake experience. Contact CakeFX at or call at 703-915-5849.

Now for the fine print stuff. CakeFX does have limits as to the kinds of cakes it will produce.

No sexually explicit cakes. Eww, won’t do it.

Nor will CakeFX create any cake that might cruelly insult or humiliate an individual or group. Cake concepts based on social or political satire are welcome and often encouraged by CakeFX. As are concepts inspired by the typical "trash-talk" that accompanies most athletic rivalries. However, a design that can be interpreted as a vicious pesonal attack is likely to be refused.

Simply put, CakeFX reserves the right to decline to create a cake based on a concept that might make it difficult for any one associated with CakeFX to look another human being squarely in the eye.

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